That twist on the BA advertising slogan, and the departure today of two of BA's senior executives – one responsible for Customer Service - should make many of us squirm. A PR slogan that you can live up to – take the "Not just a cake but an M & S cake" type is pure gold. You see it imitated and made fun of – and that's flattering too.

Cartoon by Neil - Terminal 5
© Neil 2008

When its used against you its time to worry about the shareholders dividend... and your future. Having your slogan used against you though is small beer compared with the reason this happens. Millions upon millions of BA money, much probably borrowed, goes into T5, and inside a month even more millions are wiped off the balance sheet and theres more ground to make up than will ever be possible. Not just because its plain hard work to recover lost ground, but there are always others waiting in the wings to pick up your customers.

And all because not enough time was taken to get it right, no working with the customer to get it right, just arrogance that they could do it.

Have you got it right? Have you checked that you have it right? Do you feel an outside opinion might help? Believe me, we are all one cock-up away from meltdown….. think about it. If you were Willie, in charge of BA, would you do it all again just the same?

My team can, at a very modest cost compared with the damage of getting it wrong, give you a "Heads up" on potential problems, or possibly the reassurance of a pat on the back. My service is discrete, reasonable, honest and works. Why not get in touch?

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