Today’s paper has an article about a BBC executive who killed herself due; we’re told, to pressure. Unfortunately pressure is a part of the package these days.

There is pressure in everything – have you tried being a parent? If you are responsible for anything at all there is pressure. Beating targets, pleasing those up the chain, customers. Sensible pressure is good, but sometimes we need to look at ourselves and our work-places differently as a way to reduce that pressure. I have a friend who makes sense of his world and the worlds of others, through humour.

Neil Cartoon

Just when you become a little too serious about yourself, or feel the weight of the world, you get a cartoon which brings you back to the Mother Planet with a smile. It’s a plan. Why not explore the way a cartoon of yourself or a friend might make the day easier. I have a couple of "Neil's" cartoons on the wall to do just that. You’ll see a link on my site, go look at the cartoons, and smile.

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