Life needs to be dynamic and so does my web page.

I have added some exciting elements to my web page, but first lets talk visitors. The first Bank Holiday of 2007 is upon us. The period between Easter's opening rush and Summer's steady visitor stream is a doubtful time. Will numbers stay buoyant, are the staff numbers too few or too many.

I expect we'll see the "Monitor", which records visitor numbers at most of Scotland's Attractions showing a slowing down in some of the established attractions – Rosslyn Chapel (just south of Edinburgh) for instance is I'm sure down on last year judging by the car park. Attractions need to introduce new or novel items to generate the crowds. The visitor is a sophisticated person, and the cost for a family can be expensive these days. The visit must be worthwhile, and if you can't introduce new ideas then the quality of your delivery and service must be excellent.

My site, as you'll know, is dedicated to the pursuit of that excellence. I do not believe that attraction owners and managers fully appreciate the costs of not getting it exactly right, or indeed the advantages of ensuring that their staff go that extra mile or have the right attitude and information.

Everything has a bottom line, a cost or income.

Clearly my site is aimed at the promotion of my Consultancy services, but true to my passion for customer services delivery I have added an Attraction Directory to help you decide on a possible visit, an opportunity to offer your own review of an attraction and a "rolling" set of poll questions which I will change over time, but will help provide a picture of what customers want from the market place.

I intend that Attractions will come to take their customers, and this site, seriously, so please, lets all work towards that goal of the perfect visit.

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