Its June, Wimbledon, showers and the longest day are all around the corner. Then the burst of summer activity followed by the analysis of how the season went. It really is that quick! Figures for February show the visitor numbers down by a little under 4%, with the "split" figure for the South East of Scotland even higher. If this trend holds for the months since February and on into the summer you visitor attractions may find yourself down a significant amount -“ which we know all too well translates to income, and questions about next year.

Customer loyalty is vital to your business and is a direct result of your customer service delivery.

Its not just the front line staff, but the whole team from the "suits" down that create the right atmosphere for good delivery. But even at the sharp end its not just a simple as whether your staff are happy at work, theres a whole range of factors I will explore briefly over the coming months. Having a positive attitude to life, work, and colleagues. Levels of assertiveness, Our old friend Stress. Just what sort of person your staff member wants to be, how they chose to feel on the day and how their brain works. All this on top of verbal and non-verbal communication and wanting to be a winner rather than a loser. And we all thought it was just a question of turning up on time.

Your staff are your Ambassadors, your front-line troops. They will determine your profit margins. A 2% up-lift on your numbers will pay for the peace of mind an audit leaves you with. As the advert says "you know it makes sense"

A famous fast food chain places notices on the tills for their staff. It has a list of "service" points: smile, establish eye contact, pay undivided attention, and so on through the obvious list down to last item that simply says - offer a supersize meal.

If service delivery was just that simple it would be great, and I wouldn't bother with Blogs at all. It isn't. How your staff operate is as much controlled by their home life and time outside work... but more of that another time.

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