... and web based reviews are the way forward

It has been suggested, and I have to say I agree with the suggestion, that the traditional Star rating system is on its way out. The system works on a set of criteria set by whichever Body an attraction or Hotel pays into. These criteria are matched against the attraction's or hotel's provision during a mystery visit and a Star rating allocated. It is not easy to sometimes match the criteria set as they may relate to provisions you cannot match like a certain number of toilets per thousand visitors. If you cannot provide more for whatever reason then you will never achieve more than (say) 3 Stars no matter how wonderful the experience. Increasingly visitors are turning to the web to record reviews of their visits. These will be far more personal accounts and readers of such reviews will be more inclined to take them seriously. It is suggested that 58% of those looking for hotel accommodation now look on line for reviews when deciding where to stay. Of course, one needs to be wary of who actually puts these reviews up, but the future lies here and cannot be denied.

My site invites visitors to review their visits to your attractions. Lets be realistic here, it is more likely that a visitor who experienced a problem or was dissatisfied will comment, so it is up to the destination to ensure they are up to the mark in their Customer Service Delivery.

Linking to this site will indicate your willingness to provide excellence in customer service delivery, and this will be reinforced by the reviews that will inevitably follow as more sophisticated and web-wise visitors pass through your doors.

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