Life needs to be dynamic and so does my web page.

I have added some exciting elements to my web page, but first lets talk visitors. The first Bank Holiday of 2007 is upon us. The period between Easter's opening rush and Summer's steady visitor stream is a doubtful time. Will numbers stay buoyant, are the staff numbers too few or too many.

Apart from being an all round nice guy with a 15 handicap I have been in Customer Service Delivery for over 30 years.

I can’t expect you readers of my page and Blogs to do so without some evidence that I have some background in Customer Service Delivery to make you feel more comfortable.

Tourism is vital and competitive - Some interesting statistics.

I’ve no doubt that anyone involved in Tourism recognises the value and importance of the business at National, Local and individual levels. Some interesting facts for 2005 show that overall in Scotland Tourism provides for a little under 9% of all employment. Regionally this varies from the Highlands at 13.5% to the Scottish Borders at 7.3%. Take into account alternative employment opportunities in the Borders though and you can still see just how critical tourism is.

I believe there are a great many people out there, customers and managers and owners, who will identify with these examples of what not to do.

I intend to consider specific problems with Customer Service delivery as well as more general issues. In this first Blog I consider the notion that Customer Service is not given the level of priority it deserves.

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