I have been appointed as Director of the Scottish Churches Architectural Heritage Trust as from November 2009

The Scottish Churches Architectural Heritage Trust has been operating for since 1978 and was established to assist congregations of any denomination in Scotland in the preservation and upkeep of church buildings which are in regular use for public worship, principally by raising funds for their repair and restoration and by acting as a source of technical advice and assistance on maintenance and repair.

I am delighted to have been asked to be Director of this worthwhile Trust doing such good work all over Scotland.


Edinburgh Fringe

Hi Folks, bit of a diversion here perhaps but before I deal with some Customer Service stuff I thought I should alert you all to a great opportunity at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. A local Theatre Group – Nonsense Room Productions have two shows to entertain this year. Usually performing at Rosslyn Chapel the conservation work has forced a move to the Scottish Mining Museum at Newtongrange just to the south of Edinburgh.

The two shows are Ae Fond Kiss – the story of Robert Burns by Simon Beattie (yes, he is my son!), and the second is Treasure Island based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novel.

Both shows run from August 6th to 29th with Treasure Island, a family show where you're to feel free to dress up and enjoy!

See www.nonsenseroom.co.uk for details.


Just finished a survey to check whether Customer Service remains constant over more than one branch of the same business. This involved a well known food outlet who's name implies quick service – and I can tell you the level of CS is not a constant.

At one extreme I can vouch for a branch at Livingstone where the staff and management excel to the other extreme not far from our Country's Parliament where a lunch can take forever and the customer really doesn't come first.

Conclusion? Any ethos held by senior management isn't checked at ground level where CS is based on just how the staff feel on the day.

Hi, its been a while since my last Blog entry – and in terms of customer service I'm embarrassed to have left it so long.

I should have written about the appalling service delivered (or in fact not delivered) by an internet web site “Dealsniper”. Endless prevarication and finally ignoring the requests for action. But, the site is based in the Far East and we have very little clout except to not use the site again – which I most certainly won't. If you have had a better experience from them do please tell me.

Someone needs to get the CEO of Halford's to read this (and its true so he can't sue me!).

I've been looking at, and working with Visitor Attractions to improve customer service, how they are perceived by customers and how to capture their loyalty. I’m not sure we make that much progress, and the cashier taking my money whilst talking to a colleague on another till (and not even business related I have to say) reinforced that.

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