Someone needs to get the CEO of Halford's to read this (and its true so he can't sue me!).

But before that, for a change, I won't ramble on but do a quick mid term summery covering a few examples of the Good and the Bad.

Friends recently stayed in an Edinburgh flat managed by two customer-conscious young ladies. The stay was trouble free and the flats excellently placed for City Centre activities. My friends gave the letting agents a very healthy 9 out of 10. Check out for yourself, or contact Anna on 0131 476 3817.

Also in this round up of recent goods and bads is another success story. My regular golfing partners Glen Waddle and Alan McKinney (who complained that they never actually get mentioned) and I recently stayed overnight at the Panmure Arms at Edzell – If you get to Aberdeen you've missed Edzell by 40 miles or so – Great place to stay, friendly, good food and service. If you fancy a break This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the contact. Lovely part of the country too.

Halfords Customer Service
© Neil 2008

So, back to Halfords. My neighbour recounted a visit with his daughter to get a replacement number plate. The guy doing the new plate was clearly overdue for a tea break, and told the customer so. He was so surly that my neighbour's daughter, firstly having sent her dad away for fear of an impending coronary could take no more and said (sharply I understand) that he should perhaps take his tea break and she would come back. I think that's the gist though the words may have been marginally different.

She spoke to the duty Assistant Manager who instantly knew the staff member she was complaining about. So, who's worse, the staff member who clearly couldn't give a damn or Management for knowing there was a problem and doing nothing about it. Whilst you ponder that, and avoid Straiton's Halfords its time for better news. You will remember my telling you of Paul Simmons who has a number of Florida villas suitable for physically challenged guests.

I mentioned that our party will include a 13 month child and whilst he was over there last month he bought a crib and travel cot to ensure his villas were fully equipped and the guests could enjoy their break from Day 1. Well done Paul – check out

So, for those who've done well pat yourselves on the back, as for Halfords – you're in detention.

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