A visit is the physical element in something that may well have started months earlier. A potential visitor may well decide on an area and then seek more information about that area. Equally the attraction may command sufficient interest that the area becomes secondary.

This is fine if YOU are the main attraction, but if yours is a smaller competitor then how do you rank in terms of attracting a slice of the business?

What will it do for you? The pre-visit audit will ensure your information is appropriate, user friendly and up-to-date.

The Pre Visit Audit looks at web based information and will report on:

Easy to find site—how will the visitor from overseas find your site navigation

Remember, you and your staff are used to your business and area—your visitors may travel thousands of miles and not be used to road signs, roundabouts etc. The audit considers:

  • Directions
  • Contacts
  • Costs
  • Facilities
  • Opening times / closed times
  • Public transport details
  • Background to reinforce visit
  • Booking opportunity / discounts for web booking?
  • Private / commercial booking information
  • Loyalty opportunity
  • Can you establish a relationship with the site

Our list is comprehensive, but should you wish to focus on a particular area that concerns you please ask.

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