Well, this makes a nice change. I was depressing myself doing yet another Blog and identifying some poor and "who gives a damn, I just work here" customer service I recently encountered when I got an E Mail from the guy who's bought the villa in Florida I had booked a while ago (when it belonged to someone else). I was anxious that the deal still stood as I'd booked it privately.

So, anyone not heard of the credit crunch yet? It's a trendy 2008 expression for a phenomenon that comes around every few decades under a different excuse. The reality is the same though, less money in our pockets and more importantly the pockets of our visitors. Indeed the direct result may be a reduction in that increasingly rare commodity, the overseas visitor. This currently financial glitz is a wide-spread little beast and tourists who once may have griped because Sterling was too strong at least had Dollars whereas now they don't!

That twist on the BA advertising slogan, and the departure today of two of BA's senior executives – one responsible for Customer Service - should make many of us squirm. A PR slogan that you can live up to – take the "Not just a cake but an M & S cake" type is pure gold. You see it imitated and made fun of – and that's flattering too.

Today’s paper has an article about a BBC executive who killed herself due; we’re told, to pressure. Unfortunately pressure is a part of the package these days.

Credit where its due. This experience deserves a pat on the back.

I realise this Blog follows hard behind my last, but you can’t dictate when the need arises!

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